Regional Management Team

updated 07/25/14

Team Coordinator:


Sarah Nainan-Newhard

Harbor City Music Company

  • Facilitates management team meetings
  • Coordinates management team meeting agendas
  • Oversees regional standing rules and reviews chapters’ standing rules
  • Monitors the implementation of the Region’s long range plans
  • Elected position by regional membership

Communications/Technology Coordinator:

Marge Grossman

Marge Grossman

Pride of Baltimore

  • Maintains communication link between the international organization and the region
  • International appointment

Directors Coordinator:

Claire Domenick

Claire Domenick

Greater Harrisburg

  • Represents the interests of the regional directors
  • Elected position by the regional chorus directors

Education Coordinator:


Donna Halley

Greater Harrisburg

  • Develops, coordinates, and monitors region education programs
  • Coordinates regional faculty visits to choruses
  • International appointment

Events Coordinator:


Liz Danielski

Red Rose City

  • Coordinates the physical aspects of all regional meetings and events, including regional competitions
  • Regional appointment

Finance Coordinator:


Judy Hall


  • Prepares and submits the annual budget
  • Oversees the health and management of regional finances
  • Regional appointment

Marketing Coordinator:

Silly Me

Brenda Cunningham

Greater Harrisburg/Cape Shore

  • Develops and provides marketing and public relations programs that promote chapter and regional events, and membership growth and retention
  • Plans and implements marketing and public relations programs to increase membership growth and retention
  • Designs and implements plans to market events and products
  • Regional appointment

Membership Coordinator:


Michele Woodward

Valley Forge

  • Represents the interests of the chapter management and membership on the RMT
  • Communicates with chapter presidents/team leaders to assess their needs and the needs of their chapters
  • Communicates chapter presidents/team leaders’ and chapters’ needs and issues to the regional management team
  • Provides and facilitates a forum for chapter presidents/team leaders at regional events
  • Regional appointment