How to Get Involved in the RMT

The Functions of the Regional Management Team (RMT)

  • Serves as middle management and liaison to the international organization
  • Assesses the educational needs of the region, and plans programs to meet those needs
  • Develops long-range plans based on the goals and values of the regional membership
  • Oversees and evaluates the implementation of long-range plans
  • Accepts fiduciary responsibility for the region
  • Monitors chapter compliance with corporate and regional bylaws, international policies and administrative procedures
  • Provides counseling to individual chapters
  • Ensures open communication at all levels of the region

RMT Shadow Program

What is an RMT Shadow?

The Regional Management Team (RMT) encourages members with an interest in Regional management to apply for a position as an RMT Shadow, where you will sit alongside the RMT to learn a wealth of information about how the Region works and how we manage our 1,100+ member organization. The RMT can learn a lot from your experiences, as well, by receiving fresh perspectives and ideas from you. This position is competitive. Selection depends on your experience, leadership potential, and available funding.  Successful applicants will be funded to attend RMT meetings, and, depending on the stage of the program, possibly funded to Regional events relating to your work as an RMT Shadow.

What does it involve?

Stage 1:  We expect an RMT Shadow to attend RMT meetings to learn how the RMT does business.  The first time you come to an RMT meeting, or contact the Team Coordinator, you will be given a packet with job descriptions for each position, the names of the RMT Coordinators, and the expectations for Shadows.  The RMT holds four meetings a year, and Stage 1 is a minimum of a one year commitment.

Stage 2: You select an area of interest on the RMT and work directly with the RMT member on her projects for three -six months, either as a member of one of her teams, or as a general aide, with mutual concurrence of the Shadow, the Shadow Program Coordinator (Team Coordinator), and the RMT member in your area of interest.  After that, if you want, you may select a second area of interest and do the same thing. Stage 2 occurs at any time during Year One.

Stage 3: You decide what area you are interested in and transition to an “internship” with a particular RMT member in that area.  Stage 3 may occur at any time during Years One or Two.

Some interesting points:

  • At any point, you are welcome to formally apply for an RMT position if the position you are interested in is open for applications.
  • We expect a Shadow appointment to last one to two years, or possibly end sooner if a formal assignment is accepted.
  • At the end of the Year One, if the Shadow is not actively involved in RMT work, then she will be transitioned out of the Shadow Program.  Participation in the RMT Shadow Program does not guarantee appointment or election to a position on the RMT.
  • You can be a team member or apply for the RMT at any time without being an RMT Shadow.

What talents can you bring to the Region?

On the application please let us know all the talents or training you can offer to share with the Region, whether from your educational background, work or life experience, or Sweet Adeline experience.  It is all important and useful.  The RMT needs members with a wide variety of experience in all areas.

What does this position do for you?

As a RMT Shadow, you will have a unique opportunity to learn how the region is run from the most experienced members of the Regional management structure.  There are a lot things going on behind the scenes to keep this very large and active region ahead of the game.  You will learn about things that interest you, find out how things are done, find out who does what and how.  You will learn that there are many very intelligent, capable, dedicated and interesting women working hard to make Region 19 exciting and interesting.  You have everything to gain from participating in as an RMT Shadow!

You have everything to gain from participating in as an RMT Shadow!

RMT Shadow Program Application (MS Word Form)

For further information, please contact Sarah Nainan-Newhard, Team Coordinator